Using Social Media at Work


Every Business and Organisation needs to ensure their policies and procedures covering staff use of social media at work are effective and robust

The ever increasing number of tribunal cases revolving round staff’s use or abuse of social media at work means that all organisations and businesses need to ensure they have robust policies and procedures in place and that managers are properly trained in the staff rights and responsibilities when using social media at or in connection with work.

Having a blanket ban on use is not a viable solution. Social media is a highly effective business marketing tool and placing a blanket ban on its use at work is akin to commercial suicide. Managers and Staff need to understand who, how, when, where and why they can use social media at work and what the guidelines policies and procedures they need to adhere to when doing so.

This is especially important in the grey areas between the personal and professional use of social media at work.

Most tribunal cases revolve round cases where staff have been dismissed for posting comments that present their company, business, manager or customer in a detrimental manner. In most cases where the company or organisation can evidence that is has clear, fair and robust policies and procedures in place and managers and staff are made aware of what is and is not acceptable then the dismissals are upheld.

This lively one day “Social Media at Work – Rights and Responsibilities” course covers all the latest case law and will enable you to either introduce or review your in house policies procedures from both an employment and service delivery perspective.

For Whom
This workshop is suitable for all Managers and HR representatives from all sectors and business types including Public Sector, Education, Commercial Businesses both large and small, Charities and Not for Profit Organisations.

Content can be aligned to the development or revision of policies and procedures or the workshop can be used as a medium Social Media Policies and Procedures to Staff or refresh their knowledge and understanding.

Aims and Objectives
This one-day workshop brings participants up-to date in the latest issues and challenges involving the staff use of social media at work and provides guidance and input on what effective policies and procedures need to contain and look like

2 case studies here


1. The Social Media & Employment Relationship

  • The latest breaking news around an ever changing world
  • Key definitions of Social Media and how these various mediums are used in the workplace
  • The links between a Social Media policy to related policies governing e mails, internet use and information technology
  • The critical link between the employment contract and Social Media at work
  • The employer’s duty of care and the employee’s fiduciary duty of care
  • What is actually meant by “personal use” of social media at work? –benchmarking with models of best practice from a range of different employers as well as case law
  • The “range of reasonable responses” in Social Media cases when determining sanctions arising from disciplinary action

2. The Legal Framework

  • Confidentiality and Data Protection Act
  • Employer’s rights to monitor use of social media at work
  • Individual’s rights to privacy and freedom of expression under the European Convention on Human Rights
  • How libel and slander laws can operate in this area
  • Key security and identity issues
  • The Malicious Communications Act
  • Telecommunications Business Regulations
  • Infringement of Copyright
  • Protection from Harassment Act

3. Social Media at Work and beyond

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Use of newsletters and other literature
  • Customer Management Relationship Systems
  • Appropriate Training
  • Best Practice Scope for your Social Media Policy
  • Tips and Techniques for keeping up to date
  • Sources of external help and resources