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Concrew Training was established by Ian Hirst in April 2014 to provide training consultancy and support services to the education, public and private sectors. In reality the concept and approach had been evolving and developing for many years before this.

In 2001 Ian was appointed by the now dissolved “National Training Resources Limited” to develop a new division. One that was to provide quality development services to the further education and vocational learning sectors.

Using the brand name “Towards Excellence in Learning” the division secured Local Learning and Skills Council contracts to fund quality development programmes for member organisations of the local learning provider networks across England.

These were well received and the “Developing Excellence in Learning” brand name was used to service the numerous contracts with individual learning provider organisations that followed.

As the brand became more established, better known and respected the names were shortened and combined to create “Excellence in Learning”. Course take up extended still further and quickly extended to the wider educational sector and well as the public, not for profit and private sectors. Open courses showcased the division’s quality and service

Unfortunately, other divisions and initiatives within ” National Training Resources Limited” were less successful and the company went into liquidation in December 2013. All staff including Ian Hirst were made redundant.

After exploring a range of options and approaches for continuing the service offer he had developed over the past 12 years, Ian decided that the best way forward was to establish a new organisation, Concrew Training, one that would deliver the same type of products and services that his division and brand had been offering before and where possible with the same trainers and consultants.

Concrew Training was born in April 2014.

The name Concrew Training comes from the very old, seldom used and largely obsolete word ” Concrew” meaning ” to grow together” The word is probably more to do with intertwining than growing and expanding but it seemed appropriate for a Training Organisation that shares so much good practice and provides CPD to so many people

Concrew Training specialises in delivering consultancy, pre-developed one-day good practice workshops and bespoke training on our clients premises.

All our training team are subject specialists with in-depth experience of providing training, consultancy and CPD support to staff, management and Directors.

Our workshops are typically highly participative interactive learning days that are both fund and effective, they make even dry subjects enjoyable and rewarding.

All our support is highly practical in nature with a large focus on “how to achieve” rather than the less useful “what needs to be achieved”

By paying close attention to how and where money is spent and using cost effective email marketing we strive to the the training quality high and the price low

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Ian Hirst
Concrew Training