About Us

Concrew Training was established in 2014 with the simple goal of goal of providing “high value training with exceptional levels of customer service”; in short high quality training with first class service and at affordable prices.

8 years later, our core values and vision remain but, 3 things have changed:

1 We still deliver courses on our clients’ premises but we now also offer them online via video conferencing platforms. This route means are courses offer even better value. Online training removes all trainer travel and accommodation costs and makes the training unbelievably cheap, some may say to cheap, but rest assured – quality is maintained.

2 We now accept credit and procurement cards. Not only does this make it easier for our customers to pay it also offers a degree of security for those using our services the first time. Our regular customers know that this security isn’t needed but welcome the freedom it brings in terms of purchase orders etc.

3 Our customer base is much larger and includes numerous high profile names – no surprises there, everybody likes high quality and low prices.

The name Concrew Training comes from the old and in 2014, largely obsolete word, “Concrew” which means “to grow together”. Concrew Training seems as appropriate today as it did 8 years ago, maybe more so.

Ian Hirst