About Us

“Concrew Training”, was set up by in 2014, with the simple goal of providing high value training with exceptional levels of customer service; in short high quality at affordable prices.

Building on 17 years of managing all aspects of training delivery, including the highly successful “Excellence in Learning” brand for “National Training Resources”, I knew how operating costs could be kept low but very high standards of training delivery and customer service standards maintained.

Our workshops are typically highly participative interactive learning days that are both fund and effective, they make even dry subjects enjoyable and rewarding. They are highly practical in nature with a large focus on “how to achieve” rather than the less useful “what needs to be achieved”

All our trainers are subject specialists with in depth experience of training delivery at all levels.

Customer feedback, where available is detailed for each course on our website. Having said that we respect our customers privacy and only post feedback where express permission has been given by each individual delegate. When customers use their own course, evaluations this permission is not available to us.

Our pricing structures are simple and clear with no hidden extras. For example trainer travel and accommodation that can easily add hundreds of pounds to the bill is included in all our quotes.

Concrew Training’s focus on free or low cost modern technologies and the outsourcing of course materials printing to customers allows us to deliver exceptional training at affordable prices.

The name Concrew Training comes from the very old, seldom used and largely obsolete word ”Concrew” meaning ”to grow together” it seemed highly appropriate for a training company that aimed to work closely with its staff, trainers and customers .

For more information or just an informal chat give me a call

Ian Hirst
Concrew Training