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Online Training – Video Conferencing – Webinars

Coronavirus has increased customer demand for online training to an all time high. Online training looks, at first glance, to be very attractiv; low costs, no need to travel, available at home etc – but look deeper and there are some very real reasons why face-to-face training dominates education and training.

In simple terms face-to-face training enables the trainer to create a far more effective learning environment. Face-to-face training make is far easier to create a fully differentiated training session where different activities and excercises are used to engage participants, stimulate thoughts and embed learning.

Additionally it is easier for the trainer to see when participants are struggling to understand, loosing interest or just not engaging. This makes it easier for them to adjust delivery and ensure inclusivity and effectiveness.

Most online learning sessions degenerates into lecture style delivery and users “switch off” after as little as 20 minutes. Even with the most experienced trainer and courses developed specifically for online deliver there is a maximum attention span of about 90 minutes.

From a cost perspective online training looks as if it should be cheap, travel time and costs are removed; but in reality the need for multiple sessions means the training is often only working part of multiple days which actually increases the training cost.

Faced with online training being lower quality at a higher price Concrew Training has taken the decision not to offer training through virtual classrooms but to continue to offer high quality high value training on our clients premises.

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