Equality & Diversity Training Day

Learn about the very latest in legislation and good practice

By its very nature, equality and diversity is constantly changing. Are you, your colleagues and staff up to speed?

Would you, your governing body, directors, managers, staff, volunteers and stakeholders be able to determine confidently the impact on your organisation of the latest changes and developments.

Equality and Diversity have long been important dimensions for all organisations but especially so for those working in or with the Public Sector where Inspection Frameworks, Performance Monitoring, Tendering and Contractual Renewal all require staff to be kept well informed.

This workshop is delivered by an equality and diversity professional. It updates participants on the latest and key legislation but more importantly, grasps the nettle of what effective implementation really looks like and provides a rich fund of highly practical ideas.

Participants will be given the tools to undertake a basic equality and diversity impact analysis with templates to implement more advanced impact measures back in the workplace. Additionally, everyone attending the course will have the opportunity to carry out a snapshot equality audit of their existing policies which will, after the event, provide the basis for developing further specific action points in six key areas

  • Corporate Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Access to Services
  • Service User Involvement
  • Partnerships and Stakeholders
  • Bullying and Harassment

These activities help to illustrate that many equality initiatives instigated in good faith are, far too often, fundamentally flawed because of a lack of real knowledge about good and effective practice.

In doing so the workshop helps reduce the perceived burden of implementation whilst simultaneously helping to improve overall effectiveness in meeting equality and diversity requirements.

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For Whom
The workshop is designed to help participants understand and apply equality and diversity legislation effectively. It is suitable for representatives from all organisations and businesses. Whilst its appeal to the public and educational sectors is obvious many employers in the commercial sector are at last beginning to understand the benefits of and sometimes expensive consequences of not, adopting good practice in equalties and diversity.

Aims and Objectives
As a result of this workshop delegates will:

  • understand the potential impact of equality and diversity legislation
  • understand individual and organisational responsibilities
  • be in a better position to challenge unacceptable behaviour
  • be in a position to clearly articulate the considerations which have shaped, and which continue to shape, equality and diversity including:
    • Legal
    • Business
    • Demographic
    • Cultural
  • be able to relate more easily to academic concepts and models used in the study; to the definition and application of equality and diversity strategies
  • be equipped with practical and tangible ideas to audit and develop best practice within both the workplace and from a service delivery perspective
  • understand better the critical components of the Equality Act
  • understand better the specific duties placed on schools and colleges (optional)
  • be able to undertake an equality and diversity impact analysis of policies and procedures covering both employment and service delivery matters
  • be in a position to contribute to the further development and enhancement of their organisation’s existing equality policies and action plans with links to all other appropriate corporate procedures


This course:

  • examines the economic, legal and demographic drivers which are currently shaping equality and diversity issues
  • discusses how these three drivers are impacting upon service delivery, employment and your stakeholders in the public, not for profit and private sector
  • revisits prevailing legislation on discrimination with signposts about the impact of both recent judicial decisions and those in Parliament
  • defines new concepts and terms on discrimination and allied issues
  • reconciles these drivers with your existing employment and service delivery policies, protocols and procedures
  • provides the latest breaking news around and changes to the 2010 Equality Act
  • examines prevailing best practice in the public and private sector on equalities and diversity
  • highlights what external scrutiny regimes are looking for when they inspect your existing provision on equalities and diversity
  • provides opportunities for problem solving and sharing issues from your workplace
  • highlights prevailing and expected changes within the equality and diversity legislative framework
  • signposts the gradual shift from an individual to an organisational focus upon these issues
  • signposts sources of external information and advice on all these issues