Understanding Welfare & Tax Benefits

The 2016 System Explained

All those involved in providing help, advice and guidance to members of the community need to understand how the latest changes impact on welfare and tax benefits work and ensure the support and signposting they give is correct.

The rules and regulations governing welfare and tax benefits are complex and compounded further by the latest round of cuts and changes. Whilst a small minority of claimants may know the system well, many, often those most in need, struggle to understand what they are entitled to or how to access it.

They frequently have to ask for help, guidance and advice.

Given the complexities of the benefits and tax credit system, giving accurate advice is never easy but this fun filled lively workshop makes it easier – it highlights the key benefits and changes and includes a useful reference manual too

It is designed to be delivered on your premises for up to 20 delegates. It is suitable for all those involved in providing help, advice and signposting to all members of the community, including: economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

For Whom

This one-day workshop is for all those involved in providing help, advice and signposting to all members of the community including economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Aims and Objective

  • Examine key social security terms and definitions – old and new
  • Get up to speed with the latest changes in Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits
  • Profile 16 key welfare benefits and tax credits
  • Identify on going and imminent changes
  • Reconcile Social Security Law with Immigration Law
  • Look at the procedures for claims, payments and appeals
  • Signpost further sources of support and assistance

Content Overview

  • Profiles the 16 main benefits and tax credits
    • A = Attendance Allowance
    • CA= Carers Allowance
    • CB=Child Benefit
    • CTC=Child Tax Credit
    • CTR=Council Tax Reduction
    • DLA =Disability Living Allowance
    • IESA =Income related employment and support allowance
    • HB =Housing Benefit
    • IS =Income Support
    • JSA = Job Seeker’s Allowance
    • PC =Pension Credit
    • PIP =Personal Independence Payment
    • SDA =Severe Disablement Allowance
    • Social Fund Payments
    • UC = Universal Credit
    • WTC = Working Tax Credit
  • Provides an overview of the benefit or tax credit
  • Independent Benefits Calculators – where to find them and how to use them
  • Tells you what claimants will actually get
  • Indicates how the benefit is paid
  • Outlines the impact of change in circumstances
  • Looks at eligibility
  • The rules governing economic migrants and refugees
  • Specific arrangements that might apply to a given benefit for example:
    • identity requirements
    • specialist assessments
  • Key documentation required, e.g. the main form to complete or quote
    • Other points of special note including
    • breaking news
  • Imminent abolition of a given benefit!
  • Signposts the appeal procedures for a given benefit
  • Helplines and/or postal addresses that may be connected to a particular benefit or tax credit