We strive to keep the bureaucracy associated with booking our courses and consultancy services to an absolute minimum. We quote a price based on the information below and provide a range of date options. Once dates are agreed we confirm by email and invoice 7 days later. Payment becomes due 7 days after the training has been completed.

  1. The training, course or consultancy required
  2. The location the support needs to be provided in, town, city etc
  3. The estimated number of attendees
  4. The target date or date period you need the training delivered on/in
  5. any additional background information that may help tailor content to your needs

For your bespoke no obligation quote you can:

Please quote me your best price based on the information below:

we usually respond by email unless the response is complex
Sometimes it is easier to talk - if you are happy for us to call you please include your phone number
it is helpful to know which company the training is for
as above it is helpful to know who is enquiring
please state the course name or a brief description of the support you are interested in
we deliver on your premises or in a venue you have arranged, please outline probable location
please outline below how many people may attend. This might be a simple number or a more complex explanation
please outline when you require the training, We will advise on our availability against given date periods
please outline any other information that may be useful, eg drivers behind the request, participant experience etc