We strive to keep the bureaucracy associated with booking our services, be it general support, workshops, consultancy or longer term programmes, to an absolute minimum.

To book, buy or commission any of our products or services please telephone, email or contact us via our web site contact form with the following information.

  • The support, for example workshop/s topics, you are interested in
  • Background on the need for the training support and the outcomes you are looking for from it
  • The location the support needs to be provided in, town, city etc
  • The estimated number of attendees
  • Date period you need the training delivered in, month/s

Once we have the necessary information we will advise fully on date availability, costs and invoicing. If these are acceptable to you we ask for you to confirm the required date by email and once we confirm acceptance the booking is considered firm. Invoices are raised 7 days later with a payment date after the service delivery has been completed.

Please note that due to the large number of enquiries we issue initial date information on a first come first served basis. That its to say the same date availability may be given to multiple enquirers, dates are only considered firm when we have received a definite booking and accepted it

In simple terms this means that you need to confirm enquires quickly or date availability is likely to have decreased. If there is a delay between us issuing date availability and you request to book against a specific date it is often useful to have a number of fall back date options ready.