Employment Law Rights Responsibilities Training Course

This one day course brings participants up to date with the key principles and latest developments in Employment Law.

For Whom
This course is for HR Professionals, Directors, Governors, Operational Managers, First Line Managers, Union Staff and Employee Representatives from all types of business.

It is also useful as well for those involved with the explaining, teaching, and training of employment rights and responsibilities to others.

Course content is continually updated to reflect the very latest developments.

Participants will have a specific focus on key topics and latest developments including those listed below.

  • The contract of employment – implied and express terms as well as flexibility clauses
  • The staff handbook
  • The difference between written and unwritten terms in employment contract
  • The latest disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Sickness/absence management
  • Information held about staff
    rights and responsibilities under key existing employment laws
  • Breaking News, New and Emerging issues
  • Latest key policies that may need changing or updating
  • You the Jury Case Studies based on real tribunal and court cases
  • Problem Solving and Sharing
  • Traffic Light Audits
  • Benchmarking good practice using the Sunday Times “Best Employers” listings & criteria

A Developing Story

  • Employment Law recent history and developments
  • Ten Top Disciplinary and Grievance Cases
  • You the Jury!
  • Latest trends and cases
  • Quiz – Ten Main Laws?

Main Statutory Agencies and their remit
This session is tailored to include agencies that might be applicable to a client. Core content includes the remit of ACAS, HMRC, HSE, ICO, EHRC, Tribunals and the County Court. Additional client relevant coverage may also include the Anti-Slavery Commissioner, the Gangmasters Authority, and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Laws and Regulations
Implications for Rights and Responsibilities.

As above content of this session is tailored to include any other laws that might be applicable you, the client organisation, as well as associated regulations. For example, some organisations may require coverage of the Care Act, the Domestic Abuse and the Mental Health Act. Equally the Nolan principles or the Caldecott Principles may need coverage

Core Content includes a profile of the following, highlighting on recent changes and any pending. Content is delivered in a Civil Law context but the points of convergence with Criminal Law in the context of employment rights and responsibilities will be cross referenced as appropriate

  • Asylum and Immigration Act
  • Employment Act
  • Disclosure Barring Service
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
  • Equality Act 2010 & later amendments
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Changes to and benefits
  • The Workers Protection Act 2023
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Data Protection Act, GDPR, PECR
  • Malicious Communications Act – Social Media
  • Health, Safety and Well Being at Work Act
  • Safeguarding and Prevent Duties
  • Volunteers and the Law

Doing it by the book!
In the light of the previous module participants will determine and be assisted in determining: –

  • Definition of an employment contract – terms and conditions
  • What should be in a good quality staff handbook?
  • What is the legal status of a handbook?
  • 13 things that should be in any workplace policy
  • The importance of evidencing staff training


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