Employment Law Training

This one-day course provides Managers, Directors, HR professionals & Employee Reps with an up to date working knowledge of the latest employment laws

Policies, procedures, help lines, manuals and the internet can provide useful information on how to respond to a given situation but they should be seen as a tools that build on, or supplement, a strong understanding of employment legislation rather than an alternative to it; in many workplace situations an immediate response or action is needed, one that cannot wait for further research to be undertaken.

No company, business or organisation can afford to experience dispute, industrial action, or employment tribunals because management or staff failed to understand and follow legislation and good practice. It is equally important that those involved with apprenticeship programmes or delivering training on employment law understand how the latest changes impact on Apprentices, employees and employers alike.

This one-day workshop explores and highlights the key points from the latest statute and case law bringing participants up to date on the key legislation, latest changes and pending developments

The workshop also updates participants on the latest legislation and provides the very latest assessment what areas to monitor for future changes. For example; informed speculation based on government impact assessment statements for post Brexit and a phrase within one about the need to ‘maximise regulatory opportunities’ suggests a relaxation of workers’ protections, particularly around working hours, rest breaks and annual leave may be under consideration.

For Whom
This workshop provides an intensive and essential update on the latest developments in Employment Law, Employment Rights & Responsibilities for Directors, Operational Managers, HR Professionals, Trade Union and Employee Representatives from all types of business.

It is also useful for those tasked with explaining, teaching or training of employment rights and responsibilities to others.

Aims and Objectives
This workshop aims to update delegates on the key employment legislation and good practice and in doing so helps to:

  • unravel the jargon
  • identify at least ten ways to avoid problems at work!
  • provide some insights into individual/organisation management styles that might need reviewing
  • benchmark best practice and spotlight the worst!
  • signpost good quality sources of help and advice

This Employment Law course sets out, against the backcloth of Brexit, the full range of UK statutory employment rights andprovides links to underpinning legislation. Where relevant, we highlight useful resources and links tomore detailedsources of help, information and resources.

An A to Z profile of the subjects covered includes the structure of an employment contract & supporting handbooks/policies with a focus upon: –

  • agency workers
  • blacklisting
  • bullying
  • constructive dismissal
  • criminal convictions
  • data protection
  • deduction from wages
  • equality
  • family-related leave
  • fixed-term employees
  • flexible working
  • harassment
  • health & safety and welfare
  • holidays
  • industrial action
  • insolvency
  • national minimum wage
  • notice
  • part-time workers
  • redundancy
  • references
  • retirement age
  • right to guarantee payments for workless days
  • statement of initial employment particulars
  • statutory sick pay
  • social media at work
  • suspension
  • TUPE
  • variation of contracts
  • unfair dismissal
  • whistleblowing
  • working time

In each module we provide

  • breaking news as appropriate withlinks to established case law and emerging trends
  • links to keylegislation in the area (including, where appropriate, EU Directives);and
  • a short introduction to the relevantstatutory rights.