GDPR PECR short courses

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2.5 hour short courses for just £285+vat.
Up to 14 people may attend.

We offer 3 related but standalone, low cost, online, short courses to showcase the quality of our training. Each course is delivered on your video conferencing platform Zoom/Teams with a live trainer at a time that works for you.


  • Definitions of data and associated definitions
  • Role of the Data Controller, Data Processor, Third Parties, Data Subject, Secondary Data Subject, Data User
  • Role of the Information Commissioner
  • The concept of “Consent”
  • The Six Key Principles of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act
  • Links to other laws
  • Data Protection policies
  • Impact of Brexit
  • Sources of further information and support

Essential knowledge for those who run web sites and/or use email marketing

  • Points of convergence ad divergence with the GDPR
  • Definition of privacy and electronic communications
  • The concept of Consent
  • The role of the Information Commissioner and other agencies
  • Cookies
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Emails, SMS, and Messaging
  • Marketing Lists
  • Telephone Marketing
  • Technical Issues – Communication Networks
  • Sources of further information and support

We also offer a third short course for those that have attended one of our courses on data protection.

3. Privacy Impact Assessments
how to conduct effective privacy impact assessments whilst minimising burden and cost