Recruiting, Managing and Leading Staff – Training

The success of any leader, manager, HR team or organisation is largely based on their ability to recruit high performing staff; focus them on delivering organisational goals and empowering them to achieve.

Recruitment, retention and achievement is pivotal. The need to recruit the right calibre staff into the right jop goes without saying but it is easier said than done, our training helps.

reducing churn and waste, improving retention and achievement are equally important. A robust performance management system where organisational result objectives are broken down into smaller task objectives and cascaded via a well trained appraisal and performance review system makes a positive contribution. Our trainer explains how.

For smaller companies without easy access to HR specialists the challenge escalates.

Concrew Training’s workshops on recruiting, managing and leading staff bring participants up to speed on the latest in legislation and good practice but more importantly they help to illustrate how to get the very best out of the team and in doing so contribute to individual delegates and organisational success

Our workshops can be adapted for HR Professionals, Operational Managers and in many cases staff too.