Employee Representation Training

Elevate your Employee Rep team’s capabilities with our top-notch training courses tailored for employee representatives, staff representatives, union reps, and union officials. These courses are designed to enhance participants’ comprehension and proficiency in their representative roles and responsibilities.

Each of our courses not only equips staff champions with valuable insights but also provides practical tips to empower them in executing their duties more effectively. Employee Representation is a complex undertaking, often involving individuals stepping into new roles demanding a distinct knowledge and skill set. Our courses deliver comprehensive information, making these roles more manageable and impactful.

The ultimate objective is always achieving win-win outcomes.

Our courses cater to those new in their roles or seeking to revitalize employee representation forums and constitutions. We can showcase best practices or tailor content to align with our clients’ role descriptors and local approaches.

In addition to core training, our offerings for employee representatives, staff representatives, and union officials include specialised knowledge modules covering:

  • Collective Consultation Training
  • Disciplinary Process
  • Employment Law
  • Grievance Process
  • Negotiation – Pay, Benefits, Changes to Terms and Conditions
  • Redundancy Training
  • TUPE Training

Information and consultation are pivotal for sustained growth and success in all organisations.

For any operation, business, project, or initiative to thrive, effective communication is paramount. This involves:

  • Exchanging ideas, views, and opinions
  • Addressing companywide concerns and, more importantly, agreeing on solutions
  • Rolling out new initiatives, developments, and changes

A robust consultation process may encompass cascading information and eliciting employee feedback on a spectrum of issues, including organisational and employee-focused concerns.

Moreover, in some organisations, Employee Representatives may take on advocacy-type duties in HR matters, such as mentoring staff in grievance and disciplinary issues. It’s crucial to note that individual concerns usually fall outside the broader representation committee’s scope.

It’s imperative for employees to comprehend and endorse operational changes and business development initiatives. Active involvement in business development through an employee representation scheme fosters this support. Therefore, reps must understand their roles, possessing the skills to liaise and consult effectively with both those they represent and management.

Implementing an effective employee representation process offers additional advantages, reducing the burden during operational changes that necessitate employee representation, including business transfers, contract variations, redundancies, changes to pension schemes, parental leave schemes, successive fixed-term contracts, and adjustments to working time and rest periods.

Note: Content overlap exists across our Employee Rep training courses. We can further customise by mixing and matching or adjusting content to suit your specific needs.

In some cases, isolated elements can be delivered over half a day, substantial cost savings can be achieved, with larger groups, by scheduling two similar sessions per day.


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