employee representation

Our training courses for employee representatives, staff reps and union officials improve their performance in role in a way that benefits all parties; the business/organisation, management, employees and the reps alike.

As many companies have found out; all parties, the company/organisation, management and employees benefit greatly when a high quality employee representation process is in place.

Information and consultation are essential for continued growth and success in all organisations. For any operation, business, project, initiative, to succeed; people need to talk to each other, they need to

  • exchange ideas, view and opinions
  • discuss problems and more importantly, possible solutions
  • consider new initiatives, developments and changes

An effective consultation process might includecascading information and taking employee feedback on a wide range of issues including:

Organisational Issues

  • Profit & loss/Income and Expenditure
  • Sales Performance
  • Organisational structure
  • Market development plans
  • Strategic plans.
  • Merger and acquisitions

Employee Focused Issues

  • Working time and practices
  • Training & Development
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health & Safety
  • Pension & Welfare issues
  • Employment plans
  • Collective Redundancies
  • Restructuring & re-organisation
  • Data protection and security issues

Advocacy Type Duties
Additionally in some organisations Employee Representatives might assist in HR matters such as mentoring staff in grievance and disciplinary matters and often defusing issues before they have time to escalate. Remembering of course, that individual issues usually fall outside the scope of the wider representation committee.

It is important that the employees understand and support operational changes and business development. This support is best achieved when employees are actively involved in business development through an employee representation scheme.

This means that the employee representation process needs to be understood by the Reps and they resist any attempt from those they represent for it to become a moans and groans channel or a route to try and address issues that are better managed through other methods.

This means that employee representatives need to understand their role and have the skills needed to liaise and consult effectively with those they represent and management alike.

Having a effective employee representation process in place has the added benefits of reducing the burden when operational change demands employee representation, for example during business transfers, contract variation re-engagement, redundancies, changes to pension schemes. parental leave schemes, successive fixed term contracts, working time and rest periods

NB: There is content overlap across our Employee Rep training courses. We can make further mix and match alterations or add/remove content to customise to your needs. In some situations we can deliver some elements in isolation over half a day but this seldom delivers cost savings unless a large group of people need training and 2 similar sessions run per day.