Modern Slavery Awareness Training

29.8 million modern slaves in bondage today

Modern slavery remains rife in the UK, car washes, nail bars, crop picking, and manufacturing are just a few of the more frequent areas modern slavery is found. The truth is it can be found almost anywhere, indeed back in 2017 a man was jailed for keeping his wife in slavery. We all need to take more action NOW!

Many businesses view price as a key determinant when purchasing products and services but those that deliver the lowest prices may be more reliant on slave labour. UK businesses have a duty to remove slavery from their supply chains.

So much so that businesses now need to register policy statements with the Government

Having strict anti-slavery policies, coupled with supply chain audits and increased management/staff awareness are effective ways to combat modern slavery.

Our modern day slavery awareness course is a great starting point


Image:“Slavery”by futuredrkate used under CC BY 2.0