UK Immigration rules

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Following the UK’s exit from the EU the rules relating to foreign nationals working and living in the UK were revised. It is important that UK businesses understand these rules and follow them, closely when employing foreign nationals

Entry requirements revolve round

  1. UK Points Based Immigration System
  2. UK Shortage Occupations
  3. The concept of “Tradeable” characteristics
  4. Other/specialist routes to work and study in the UK.

Points System
To be eligible to work in the UK an applicant must secure 70 points. These are totted up from a selection of eight characteristics. The first three characteristics are mandatory and the applicant must meet these full. The other five characteristics are termed “tradeable”. A sort of “pick and mix” approach for applications based on these “tradeable” considerations but with the proviso that the first three characteristics are fully met.

Shortage Occupations
Every job has a Standard Occupational Classification code, and each code has a designated skill level. The code determines whether the job is eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa route.

Other Entry Routes

  • Agriculture Visa
  • Health and Care Visa
  • Intra-company Transfer Visa
  • Graduate Route
  • Global Talent
  • Start up and Innovator Visa
  • Creative and Sporting
  • International Students and Graduates
  • Special Circumstances

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