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Modern Slavery Awareness Training

29.8 million modern slaves in bondage today

Modern slavery remains rife in the UK, car washes, nail bars, crop picking, and manufacturing are just a few of the more frequent areas modern slavery is found. The truth is it can be found almost anywhere, indeed back in 2017 a man was jailed for keeping his wife in slavery. We all need to take more action NOW!

Many businesses view price as a key determinant when purchasing products and services but those that deliver the lowest prices may be more reliant on slave labour. UK businesses have a duty to remove slavery from their supply chains.

So much so that businesses now need to register policy statements with the Government

Having strict anti-slavery policies, coupled with supply chain audits and increased management/staff awareness are effective ways to combat modern slavery.

Our modern day slavery awareness course is a great starting point


Image:“Slavery”by futuredrkate used under CC BY 2.0

Modern Slavery Awareness Training

28.8 million slaves are still in bonadage today

Modern slavery awareness training helps motivate and empower staff to look out for the signs of modern day slavery, report it and help companies remove it from their supply chains

Modern day slavery is rife in all parts of the world, including the UK. All companies have a moral and many a legal obligation to remove it from their supply chains.

When then are ineffective in doing so and Modern Slavery is suspected by a third party the consequences for business can be disasterous.

Boohoo was a recent example. As soon as it was alleged that some of its supply chain workers may have been exploited several major retailers removed Boohoo products from sale.

No business can be afford to be tainted by Modern Slavery.

Having a no tollerance policy, clear reporting and investigating processes and regular awareness training for staff and managers delivers real benefits.

Our one-day awareness training course is suitable for all, they are delivered on your premises and offer superb value for money.


Given the harm and potential costs of Modern Day Slavery refresher training should be run every year and for all staff.

As well as our pre-developed course we can align to your policues and procedures and help you develop your own in house training modules too.

Image: “Slavery” by futuredrkate used under CC BY 2.0

Will George Floyd reaction reduce Modern Slavery ?

modern slavery stats

The world wide response to the the death of George Floyd cannot be allowed to go unnoticed. True it is the news, on the TV and in every corner of social media.

Demonstrations and rioting are wide spread. Attack the police, loot a some shops, pull down some statues, but why? to what avail? what is the goal?

Equality for all? probably? maybe? But what about those still in Slavery?

History books tell us that the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 and the 13th amendement of 1867 in the USA marked the end of slavery. But 150 plus year later Slavery is still rife.

The death of George Floyd has highlighted how wide spread the publics dislike of inequality and slavery is and makes this the perfect time to fight against modern slavery.

If all western businesses increased staff awareness of the problem, audited their supply chains and had a positive action plan to fight modern day slavery it would make a huge difference.

Running awareness training sessions for managers and staff is an effective starting point.

Image: “Slavery” by futuredrkate used under CC BY 2.0