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Data Protection post BREXIT


With #coronavirus restructions lifting and business starting to return to normal many people are now asking how does data protection, GDPR and PECR work, now the UK has left The EU.

Our short, 1 module online, course clarifies how #GDPR and #PECR work in the #UK post #BREXIT.

The course is designed as update training for data protection managers whose businesses and organisations are based in, or work with, the UK.

Content includes:

  • Brief overview of GDPR
  • The changes that the UK GDPR and DPA 2018 have brought about.
  • How to transfer data between the EU and UK following Brexit.
  • When you need to appoint a lead supervisory authority and how to identify which supervisory authority is your lead.
  • How to transfer data in and out of, the UK after Brexit.
  • Steps you can take now- improving your policies and procedures

find out more about our online training courses here

Note: This post Brexit update course is designed for those with a good understanding of data protection and the principles/practice that underpins the GDPR. For those looking for a comprehensive introduction to GDPR we recommend this course

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Undesirable Guest Lists are a NO NO

Help wanted - No Irish need apply

The operation of an “undesirable guest list” has led to Pontins, the well-known family holiday park company, to be investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission for breaches of the Equality Act 2010.

Pontins have agreed to:

  • Conduct an investigation into its ‘Undesirable guest’ list to ensure appropriate action is taken within the organisation and that lessons are learned;
  • Commission a review of its current intelligence system, booking policies and commercial vehicle policy to ensure they are not operating in a discriminatory way, and consider any recommendations;
  • Provide enhanced training on equality law for staff in its Human Resources team and members of Senior Management;
  • Provide training on equality and diversity for all customer facing staff on an annual basis;
  • Appoint Equality, Diversity and Inclusion champions across the organisation.

This case is a good example of how management and staff can, in good faith introduce policies and procedures that they believe are beneficial to their company that actually expose their employer to great risk.

Equality problems remain common place, this case illustrates that equality issues are more widespread and prevalent than the headline making #BLM and #MeToo.

All organisations need to ensure management and staff receive regular update training on equality and diversity. Concrew Training’s courses on equality and diversity can be delivered online or face-to-face

Image Credit: “Johns NINA hanging” by Apocknits from 2010. The image is accompanied by this comment from the author “This is the awesome gift my mom got him for Christmas. He saw this and wanted it in Georgia but when we went back for it the place had closed. Mom ordered it from them.

Modern Slavery Awareness Training

29.8 million modern slaves in bondage today

Modern slavery remains rife in the UK, car washes, nail bars, crop picking, and manufacturing are just a few of the more frequent areas modern slavery is found. The truth is it can be found almost anywhere, indeed back in 2017 a man was jailed for keeping his wife in slavery. We all need to take more action NOW!

Many businesses view price as a key determinant when purchasing products and services but those that deliver the lowest prices may be more reliant on slave labour. UK businesses have a duty to remove slavery from their supply chains.

So much so that businesses now need to register policy statements with the Government

Having strict anti-slavery policies, coupled with supply chain audits and increased management/staff awareness are effective ways to combat modern slavery.

Our modern day slavery awareness course is a great starting point


Image:“Slavery”by futuredrkate used under CC BY 2.0