GDPR & PECR Preventing Breaches Training Course

This short, half day course refreshes and updates staff on the importance of data protection and adhering to both the GDPR and PECR.

The course is packed with examples of poor practice and what can go wrong, together with hints and tips on good practice it helps staff understand good practice and pay more attention to data protection.

Whilst most of the headline news around GDPR/PECR relates to data breaches; analysis of the actions and fines issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) shows that most breaches are down to human error; that is to say poor adherence to data protection laws and good practice.

Poor understanding, a lack of adherence, bad judgments and naivety remain common place drivers behind breaches. This short course helps bring data protection, GDPR and PECR to the front of everyone’s mind.

It highlights what frequently goes wrong and how simple easy to follow processes can reduce the risk of breaches significantly. It focusses on the types of common human mistakes that lead to breaches and penalties. In doing so it also highlights simple but effective actions that staff can undertake to help keep data and personal information secure.

For Whom
This participative workshop is suitable for representatives at all levels and from all businesses and organisation types.


  • laws and penalties for breaches
  • Organisational and technical security
  • Common breaches – checklist
  • Avoiding breaches hints, tips and advice
  • Privacy impact risk assessments
  • Dos and Don’ts of data protection
  • Reporting breach procedures


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