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Annual GDPR Training, PECR Training and Data Protection training is essential if breaches and penalties are to be avoided.

Concrew training courses meet your needs. Our suite of data protection training courses cover:

  • GDPR, GDP R, General Data Protection Regulation
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Data Protection Law, Data Protection Regulations
  • PECR, Privacy and Electronic Communication
  • Impact Assessment Training, PIA, Privacy Impact Assessments, PIAS and Data Protection Impact Assessments, DPIA, DPIAS
  • Consent
  • Sensitive data, data sensitive, personal data

Whilst most of the headline news around GDPR/PECR breaches and fines relates, to website hacking behind the scenes analysis of the actions and fines issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) shows that most breaches are down to human error.

That is to say poor understanding, a lack of adherence, bad judgments and naivety remain common place drivers behind the penalties imposed by the ICO.

The huge number of data protection breaches that occur each year coupled to the follow on consequences, in terms of time, cost and adverse publicity mean that high quality annual data protection training, especially for data protection officers and management, is essential.

Low level training for the wider staff cohort helps evidence compliance but in the real world many high volume eLearning courses fails to deliver behavioural change and the risk of breach remains.

High quality GDPR training helps management and staff understand the danger points and how they, individually and as teams, can help prevent breaches and the time and reputational damage that follows. Breaches need to be investigated, those at risk notified and, in many cases, reported to the ICO. As a minimum, organisations can expect to be instructed to strengthen procedures and train staff so it makes sense to act proactively and train staff in data protection before the breaches occur.

For serious or repeat breaches fines can now be up to £17.5m or 4% of global annual turnover.

  • META was fined Euro 1.2 Billion !!
  • in the UK notable large fines include British Airways £20 million, Marriott International £18.4m.


it is not just large organisations who are at risk,

  • “Unite the union” received a monetary penalty in the sum of £45,000.
  • The Government’s Cabinet Office paid a penalty of £50,000.

Individuals can be fined too– a former family intervention officer working for a borough council was sentenced for unlawfully accessing social service records. They resigned before dismissal but ultimately pleaded guilty in court and received a fine of £92 plus court costs of £385 and a victim surcharge of £32

Our data protection training, GDPR training and PECR training courses are designed to help people at all levels and in all roles to understand what they need to do to do to keep personal information safe, help ensure data protection legislation is complied with.

Please look at individual course overviews for more detailed in information on course content.


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