Short Courses

We offer a small range of short pre-developed taster courses that showcase the quality of our training delivery. These offer incredible value. Just £595 for up to 14 people.

Key features include:

  • Just £595+vat
  • Up to 14 people can attend for the above price
  • 3 hours long
  • Each course delivered live by a subject specialist
  • Delivered live on your Video Conferencing Platform (Teams/Zoom/Etc)
  • Delivered at mutually convenient times
  • CPD certificates issued in PDF format
  • 12 month follow on email advice service included FOC

These courses are developed to the same standard and quality as our regular courses only the price is lower and alignment to local requirements is not included. Only the courses listed below are available as short taster courses.

Whilst primarily designed for new customers – existing customers are welcome to book these courses too.

Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work (Module 3)

  • Handling Harassment should it occur
  • How to deal with any harasser – tips and techniques
  • The need for clear policies and procedures
  • The Policy Framework
  • Corporate Governance
  • Management
  • Staff, Interns and Volunteers
  • Customers and Other Stakeholders
  • Training
  • Out of Work activities
  • Monitoring and Review
  • Employers Duty of Care
  • Framework for creating a convivial workplace
  • Swift investigation of grievances and complaints
  • Step by step procedural steps
  • Clarity with customers and clients
  • Sources of further advice, help and support.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting
understanding the calculations – reporting the figures

The focus of this fast paced short course is purely understanding the calculations and reporting procedures.

The course assumes that delegates are fully familiar with drivers behind the legislation, the legal requirements to report and publish their data, the strategies needed to reduce gender gaps and the associated business benefits behind pay equality. For those unfamiliar with these aspects our one day equal pay and gap reporting course is recommended.

  • How and what data must be collected and reported?
  • How are ‘pay’ and bonuses defined by the regulations?
  • What is the correct way to calculate the pay gap?
  • Reporting overview
  • Understanding the Calculations*
  • the pay gap between their chief executive and their average UK worker
  • average gender pay gap as a mean average
  • average gender pay gap as a median average
  • average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average
  • average bonus gender pay gap as a median average
  • proportion of males/females receiving a bonus
  • proportion of males/females when divided into four groups – lowest to highest pay
  • Publishing and Reporting Pay Gap Information – the legal frameworks and good practice
  • How, where and when must the information be published?
  • Examples reports

*Note this short course does not enable review or detailed comment on the client organisation’s own data.

GDPR Essentials

  • Definitions of data and associated definitions
  • Role of the Data Controller, Data Processor, Third Parties, Data Subject, Secondary Data Subject, Data User
  • Role of the Information Commissioner
  • The concept of “Consent”
  • The Six Key Principles of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act
  • Links to other laws
  • Data Protection policies
  • Impact of Brexit
  • Sources of further information and support

Essential knowledge for those who run web sites and/or use email marketing

  • Points of convergence ad divergence with the GDPR
  • Definition of privacy and electronic communications
  • The concept of Consent
  • The role of the Information Commissioner and other agencies
  • Cookies
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Emails, SMS, and Messaging
  • Marketing Lists
  • Telephone Marketing
  • Technical Issues – Communication Networks
  • Sources of further information and support

GDPR/PECR – Breach Prevention

This short, half day, 3 hour, online taster course refreshes and updates staff on the importance of data protection and adhering to both the GDPR and PECR.

Whilst most of the headline news around GDPR/PECR relates to data breaches; analysis of the actions and fines issued by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) shows that most breaches are down to human error; that is to say poor adherence to data protection laws and good practice.

The course highlights what frequently goes wrong and how simple easy to follow processes can reduce the risk of breaches significantly. It focusses on the types of common human mistakes that lead to breaches and penalties.

Menopause Awareness Short Course

No business or organisation can afford to lose experienced staff due to mismanagement of menopausal support. Improving awareness across HR Teams and Operational Management is more important than ever before. Our online day short course, delivered live in real time and led by a subject expert improves understanding and in doing so helps improve support for those who are perimenopausal (around menopausal) or menopausal.

Of the 23 employment tribunals referencing menopause in 2021, 16 cited disability discrimination, 10 claimed sex discrimination and 14 were based on unfair dismissal. Had HR teams and operational managers had a better awareness and understanding of the Menopause many of these may have been avoided.

An Introduction to Neuro Diversity
Understanding Neuro Diversity and helping Neuro-divergent Team Members

This half day course provides practical insights into the concept of Neuro Diversity and the wide range of different people who require different types of support. Practical ideas on how to work and effectively support colleagues at work are presented against a background of the latest legal, educational,social and clinical reference points and resources. The course is supported with a comprehensive toolkit and showcases best practice in the private, public, and not for profit sectors. These case studies reinforce the importance of equality impact and workplace risk assessments that have proven success.

Introducing or Re-Invigorating Employee Representation

This short, 3 hour, online taster course is for management and HR teams looking to introduce employee representation into the business or organisation.

When introduced effectively, Employee Representation delivers a critical link between staff and management, helping both to understand the others views and perspectives and ultimately delivering better quality results faster.

The benefits are especially strong in times of turbulence and change, helping to improve the quality of planning and decision-making, keeping staff informed, on-board and providing a route for challenge if things go astray.

It is imperative that the structure and design of forums, constitutions and role descriptors meets the needs of the business and that reps time is focussed where it delivers maximum benefit. This demands careful consideration, preferably before the Reps are appointed. This short course highlights the options and approaches across a range of different models.

An Introduction to Employee Representation for Reps

  1. The Role of the Employee Representative
  • General duties and responsibilities of the Employee Representative
  • Typical structures and boundaries
  • The benefits on offer to both the employer and the employee/s
    Consultation and Negotiation, what, when and why

2. Skills that Improve Effectiveness in Role

  • What makes for an effective representative?
  • Balancing the needs of the organisation and employees
  • Commitment to personal and professional development
  • Personal Skills Needed (no skills training)
    – Communication – Public Speaking, Active Listening, Effective Questioning
    – Motivating and Empowering others
    – Influencing
    – Negotiating
    – Reporting Back
    – Managing Meetings
  • Representing the views of others