Trustees & Directors – Roles & Responsibilities

This course provides a clear overview of Trustees and Directors duties and responsibilities and in doing so helps them develop a clearer understanding of what they need to focus on to ensure organisational success

Trustees and Directors are ultimately accountable for the running of an organisation. Everything runs through them, including strategy, planning, fundraising and accountability. A well-run board sets the agenda and ensures that an organisation is on one track, supporting staff and volunteers to achieve great things.

On the other hand, a poorly running board can lead to paralysis, with staff not supported or accountable, finances not managed and the organisation becoming noncompliant with regulatory standards. This can all lead to high staff turnover, service users leaving, financial problems and possible closure.

For Whom
This course is for trustees, directors, committee members and the staff that work with them.

The course includes a detailed examination into the role of Directors and Trustees, which will equip delegates with knowledge of the legal duties’ trustees have and how trustee boards can arrange their work to maximise their effectiveness.

You will leave this course able to:

  • understand the legal duties of a trustee or director
  • identify and fill skills gaps on the board
  • manage discussion at board level
  • set and oversee strategy and delivery
  • understand how and when to delegate to staff and what to keep at trustee level
  • get trustees working as a tea


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