Directors’ Roles & Responsibilities

This one day workshop supports those who wish to become Directors or those who have already become one. It includes:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Director – key facts
  • Powers of Directors
  • Liabilities of Directors
  • Appointment and Termination of Directors
  • Types of Directors
  • Legislation – including Disqualification, Insolvency, Fraudulent Trading, Health & Safety and Corporate Manslaughter
  • Board membership and associated issues
  • Regulation issues – company taxation, returns and account submission
  • Company management issues – board meetings, exercising due skill and diligence
  • Relationships with other stakeholders, including – other Directors, shareholders, Company Secretary
  • Other associated issues – ethics, third party issues, employment, privacy issues
  • Further sources of information and support

For Whom

All existing Company Directors, those aspiring to be Directors or those about to be appointed. Business development organisations, social enterprise staff, local authority and NHS staff.

Aims & Objectives

  • Be more informed about Directors’ responsibilities
  • Different roles of Directors clarified
  • Be able to identify areas for development
  • Clarify legal issues and responsibilities


  • Overview of key facts regarding the Company Director
  • Review powers, liabilities and statutory responsibilities of Directors
  • Focus on the role of the Director in relation to other corporate stakeholders
  • Review key legislation and its implication for both individual Directors and corporate liability
  • Case studies and group exercised
  • Further sources of information and support