Worker Protection Act – Policy Briefing

This 2-hour briefing session is for Directors, Governors and Senior Leaders.  It explains the actions, policies and procedures the organisation is planning to put into place to meet the requirements of the Worker Protection Act and take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment at work. 

In doing so it helps evidence that the overarching policies and procedures have been trained out to Senior Leaders. That senior leaders have explored their role in supporting the policies and had opportunity to clarify any points arising.

The Worker Protection Act, an amendment to the Equality Act, aims to protect employees from sexual harassment at work.   The act requires employers to take reasonable steps to employees from sexual harassment at work.  It changes the legal focus from redress to prevention and should not be ignored.  

In the event of any incident reaching tribunal or litigation the employer will required to prove that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment at work, this is expected to demand evidencing compliance with the EHRC duty of care/code of practice.   If an employer is found at fault compensation claims will be subject to a 25% uplift.  If the claim involves discrimination there is no upper limit to what compensation can be imposed. 

The act is expected to come into effect in October 2024. 


  1. The Worker Protection Act – Key Points
  2. Sexual Harassment explained
  3. The EHRC duty of care
  4. Preventing Sexual Harassment – EHRC 7 steps & Client Organisational Policy
    This session briefs participants on their organisations planned policies and procedures and how they dovetail with EHRC guidance and codes of practice. Q&A time is provided throughout
    • Review, Update and Implement Anti-harassment Policies
    • Engage with staff
    • Risk Assess
    • Implement Robust Reporting Mechanisms
    • Train all employees
    • Handling Complaints and Reports
    • Managing Third Partes
  5. Making implementation effective
  6. Role and Responsibilities of Senior Leaders


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