Volunteers, DBS & Criminal Records

This one day courses explains DBS checks. It covers all the common issues and questions and provides easy to understand advice and guidance to help those employing staff and volunteers understand the how, when and why behind DBS checking.

Many organisations especially those operating in the voluntary and community sectors, provide services for children and vulnerable adults; it is imperative that DBS checking and safeguarding processes are implemented correctly by all. Every effort needs to be taken to prevent service users from abuse and neglect.

Most organisations that work with vulnerable people are eligible to use the government’s Disclosure and Barring checking service (DBS) (formerly called the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checking service) to check new staff and volunteers’ criminal record history.

The big question for those employing new staff and volunteers often revolves round how and when new staff and volunteers’ criminal records should be checked; and how to explain the need and process to the prospective employee or volunteer.

The workshop provides information about how, and in what circumstances, you can request DBS checks for staff and volunteers, how to use the information you receive, and in what circumstances you should share information or concerns about volunteers with the DBS.

For Whom
This workshop is for all those who provide support, services or work with vulnerable adults and/or children

Aims and Objectives
The overarching aim of this one-day training workshop is to swiftly impart to participants how to check whether prospective staff and volunteers have a criminal record which makes them unsuitable for running particular activities and services for your organisation.


The workshop includes:-

  • DBS checking and the code of practice
  • Guide to Safeguarding and child protection
  • What is meant by regulated activity?
  • What is DBS checking?
  • Who must have a DBS check?
  • Checks from a local police station
  • Using an existing CRB / DBS certificate
  • Who is eligible for a DBS check?
  • Children and vulnerable adults
  • Using disclosure information
  • Reporting to the DBS
  • The DBS disclosure process
  • Umbrella bodies
  • Useful sources of information about safeguarding and child protection


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