Sexual Harassment and The Worker Protection Act Courses

Practical support and training, to help employers meet the demands of the Worker Protection Act and Prevent Sexual Harassment at Work

The Worker Protection Act 2023 places employers under a specific duty to take reasonable steps to prevent the sexual harassment of their employees.

The sheer number of sexual harassment cases, that hit the headlines almost every day, make it clear that sexual harassment is widespread. Indeed it is probably present, to some degree, in all businesses and organisations.

Stopping sexual harassment at work and safeguarding employees will not be easy. Large fines await those that cannot evidence compliance with the Worker Protection Act.

In all practical terms, evidencing compliance means proving the organisation has implemented all aspects of The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) code of practice relating to the  prevention of sexual harassment at work when the Worker Protection Act goes live on 26 October 2024

Robust “not acceptable here” policies will need to be in use; not merely kept on file, and all employees, at all levels, will need to be trained in their use BEFORE 26 October 2024.  Comprehensive records will need to be kept on training, investigation and action. These will need to “defensible” in court. 

None of this will be quick or easy to implement.  Our Courses can help.  


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