Setting Up Employee Representation Forums

This half-day course is for HR Teams, Management and Staff looking to introduce, re-introduce or revitalise, employee representation within their business or organisation.

When introduced effectively, Employee Representation delivers a critical link between staff and management, helping both to understand the others views and perspectives and ultimately delivering better quality results faster.

The benefits are especially strong in times of turbulence and change, helping to improve the quality of planning and decision-making, keeping staff informed, on-board and providing a route for challenge if things go astray.

It is imperative that the structure and design of forums, constitutions and role descriptors meets the needs of the business and that reps time is focussed where it delivers maximum benefit. This demands careful consideration, preferably before the Reps are appointed. This short course highlights the options and approaches across a range of different models.

For Whom
This course is for HR teams, Operational Managers, Staff Representatives looking to introduce, relaunch or revitalise employee representation schemes.


Understanding Options and Approaches

  • Model One – Trade Union/Collective Bargaining
  • Model Two -General Employee Rep Scheme
  • Model Three -Specialist Forums or Working Parties
  • Model Four – Advocacy Model

Clear boundary protocols operate with all four models. There is sometimes overlap between Model 1 and Model 4. There is sometimes overlap between Model 2 and 4. Sometimes employee reps in Model 3 (specialist) will have ‘seat’ on Model I and 2 acting in liaison or link up capacity.

Constitutions, Rules, Boundaries and Limitations

  • What to put in, what to leave out and some templates to make life easier
  • Avoiding Moans and Groans Sessions
  • Enhancing Business Development

Recruiting and Appointing Reps

  • Role Descriptors
  • Appointment Routes
  • Induction, Training and CPD


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