Concrew Training’s pre-developed one-day good practice courses/workshops are typically designed as highly participative and interactive learning experiences. They are delivered by subject specialists and provide the high quality focused information, advice and guidance participants need to enable effective implementation.

With over 20 years experience in the development and delivery of high quality training we have built up an enviable bank of resources and experience.   Our pre-developed one-day workshops remain our most popular product.  They offer exceptional value for money.

Where these courses are delivered as in house staff CPD sessions on our clients premises we can align content to reflect our client’s policies and procedures and include time for participants to action plan as a group.

Our bespoke workshops and courses are designed to meet your specific management and staff development needs. We are happy to quote against a detailed briefing on aims, objectives and content or to work with you to establish a clear set of learning and performance improvement outcomes and underpinning content.

Bespoke workshops are a highly effective way to target specific development needs or to launch/cascade new policies and procedures. In some situations we can even work with you to develop training sessions that your managers can then deliver to their staff and reportees.

Our experience in developing and delivering training to tight margins usually means bespoke course development from Concrew Training costs far less than you might expect.

There are always situations and environments where progress, development and outcomes can be achieved it is easier and faster through the use of third party expertise. Concrew Training’s consultancy and supported implementation services enable you to access the help, guidance and support from a subject expert.

Our consultants are available to work with you and help you implement the required development in the fastest possible time. We are also provide review and feedback services on a wide range of documentation, policies and procedures. This can usually be carried out via telephone and email exchange which saves time and money and meets our philosophy of delivering maximum value for money.

We also provide lesson observation and SAR review services

Email Marketing Consultancy
Concrew Training make extensive use of email marketing to promote their products and services. With a passion for delivering value for money they have researched a diverse range of free and low cost resources to help with email marketing.

Most are easily accessible and usable for all. They do not required in-depth IT knowledge although a logical approach and reasonable familiarity with software such as MS Word and MS Excel is desirable, this software is not used extensively within email marketing but the processes are similar.

To support small local business that are not in direct competitionwith Concrew Training we offer heavily discounted consultancy on and around email marketing please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Web Design Consultancy
In keeping with our philosophy of keeping costs to a minimum Concrew Training’s web sites have been developed in house with easily accessed free or low cost software. Small and start up businesses usually have very limited financial resources and find the costs charged for a commercial web designers prohibitive.

Our one-day consultancy on web design demonstrates how wordpress works, how most features and looks can be achieved through the use of plugins and which plug ins we have found to work well.

We would expect most new start up businesses to be able to create a simple but professional looking web site during the day.

Producing a web site does not require mcuh in the way of technical or IT skills these days

To supportsmall local businessthat are not in direct competitionwith Concrew Trainingwe offer heavily discounted consultancy on developing a web site using Word Press please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.