Menopause Training for Staff

This one hour, online Menopause Awareness, Training Course for staff, explains what the Menopause is, how it affects people at work and what support options exist. It is delivered live by a subject specialist at times that meet your needs

Participants will leave the course with a better understanding of the condition, the allowances and support they can provide to colleagues. It also provides guidance, in a sensitive manner, on the decision about whether and, if applicable, how to approach management if someone feels they or a colleague they may be menopausal


  • Understanding of what the Menopause is and how it can affect women at work.
  • How the Menopause can impact on some transgender and non-binary people
  • The so called “ male menopause” explained
  • Hypogonadism and life style factors that can lead to menopausal type symptoms in men
  • Support for menopausal people at work
  • From the employer
  • From colleagues
  • Other sources
  • Friends, Family and NHS
  • Charities and Support Groups
  • Notifying Management and colleagues
  • Maintaining Privacy
  • Choices, options and approaches

Background and Context
It is estimated that there are currently 13 million UK women who are perimenopausal. This is equivalent to almost one third of the UK female population. With an ageing UK population, more women than ever, 8 out 10 menopausal women, will be working into and beyond menopause.

A significant number of women have left work due to the impact of menopause at work. “The Menopause and the Workplace” report by the Fawcett Society and Channel 4 found that 10% of women aged 45-55 had left their job because of symptoms of the menopause.

This course is designed to give staff a better understanding of the Menopause, demonstrate ways they can make adjustments and help colleagues who may be suffering and to prompt thought on the sensitive decisions surrounding whether and how best, if applicable, to notify management and colleagues.