Introduction to Employee Representation

This short introductory course, from our £595 taster range, provides a high level overview of the typical duties of employee representatives and the skills that maximise effectiveness in role.

Effective employee representation enhances workforce/management relations and helps deliver a raft of business benefits but the role often involves duties and skills that are substantially different to those within the representatives’ “day” job; attending meetings, taking minutes and notes, negotiating and influencing at all levels, feeding back, making presentations and public speaking. Couple with this the differing aims, needs and priorities the reps come into contact with (Individuals, the workforce as a whole, management and the business itself) and it becomes clear that the role of the employee representative is a demanding one.

For Whom
The workshop is for new, potential or recently elected employee representatives from all business types and sectors.

Aims and Objectives
The course provides employee representatives’ with a better insight into their role, responsibilities and typical duties. It also stimulates thoughts and ideas on what is needed to be effective in role and the personal skills representatives may need to develop further.

Our longer courses include greater amounts of detail and where requested, customisation to the local role and duties of participants. They can also be scaled to provide comprehensive support on specific skill areas.


The Role of the Employee Representative

  • General duties and responsibilities of the Employee Representative
  • Typical structures and boundaries
  • The benefits on offer to both the employer and the employee/s
  • Consultation and Negotiation, what, when and why

Skills that Improve Effectiveness in Role

  • What makes for an effective representative?
  • Balancing the needs of the organisation and employees
  • Commitment to personal and professional development

Personal Skills
This session provides headline guidance on some of the skills needed to be effective in the following typical duties and responsibilities. Time restrictions mean this session is limited to raising awareness only.  Skill Training is available via an extra session/s. 

  • Communication – Public Speaking,
  • Active Listening, Effective Questioning
  • Motivating and Empowering others
  • Influencing
  • Negotiating
  • Reporting Back
  • Managing Meetings
  • Representing the views of others


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