Improving Workplace English Skills

CPD for Apprenticeship Assessors and Trainers

A one-day workshop to help Apprenticeship assessors and trainers improve the support they provide to learners in terms of workplace language training and end-point assessment. This CPD workshop enhances the participants understanding, skills and capabilities in workplace English and explores highly effective ways to support apprentices in their learning of workplace English, including end-point assessment, professional discussion and the selecting and showcasing of personal achievement.

The workshop is designed for all those who teach, train or assess on Apprenticeship programmes. The day will also be of benefit to those who manage, observe or quality assure Apprentice programmes

Aims and Objectives
After participating in this workshop delegates will be better able to:

  • Explain the structural features of workplace language
  • Assist learners to plan and respond to written texts within their apprenticeship qualifications
  • Provide learners with appropriate methods for presenting verbal information
  • Discuss the structure of written texts in a variety of formats
  • Demonstrate strategies for creating written texts through a process of planning and development


  1. Analysing English Language for use in the workplace
  • Identifying key language use in successful apprenticeship completion
  • Understanding the relationship between language and meaning
  • Discovering the role of language in communication
  1. Developing reading and writing strategies for supporting apprentices
  • Applying strategies for reading between the lines
  • Recognising different types of text used in the workplace
  • Deconstructing the message on the page
  • Appropriately responding to text in relation to workplace and Awarding Organisation requirements
  1. Speaking, listening and presentation skills for End-point assessment
  • Recognising stages of the communication cycle within the work environment
  • Participating in the communication process
  • Identifying key processes involved in showcasing achievement
  • Applying appropriate conventions in communicating with assessors and verifiers
  1. What next?
    The final session considers what participants need to do when they return to the classroom and training to ensure the new approaches and strategies are cascaded and implemented effectively.