Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

using technology to support and enhance learning

The use of technology to maximise the student learning experience is a fast evolving and exciting dimension for schools, colleges, universities and independent learning providers alike. The focus is now on how technology can be used to make teaching sessions, be they traditional classroom, lecture, tutorial or seminar more exciting, interesting and relevant to the modern student.

Teachers, trainers, tutors and lecturers frequently understand a wide and diverse range of teaching skills and techniques but many tend, after a while, to focus on a smaller range of personally favoured approaches. This has initial benefits but, over time, can lead to their teaching stagnating and quality suffering.

External stimulus, such as this workshop, can help re-energise teaching and deliver significant improvement. This workshop demonstrates a range of technological solutions that can help re-energise teaching and training delivery, including lectures and seminars. It is a highly interactive and hands-on day. It allows participants discover and explore a wide range of new tools and techniques that enhance teaching, make it more engaging and interesting for students. It is especially effective when it is run in conjunction with our workshops on inspirational teaching and using “stretch and challenge” to embed deeper learning.

The workshop also address the often-quoted barriers that using technology is too expensive or too complex. Most of the examples explored during this workshop are easy to use and free or low cost. The workshop also covers sources of free-to-access help and advice.

Aims and Objectives
To consider how:

  • Learning technology can be used to support teaching and learning
  • Technology enhanced learning (TEL) improves the delivery of teaching and learning
  • TEL can increase learner participation and engagement
  • Video can be more informative and memorable than traditional presentations
  • Collaborative tools support learning
  • Blogs, chats and forums can be introduced
  • Social media is used in teaching and learning

Content topics
Tools and techniques to support:

  • Creation of vibrant content in a wide range of formats
  • Increasing learner participation and engagement
  • The use of video and animation including video editing and hosting
  • The use of collaborative tools to support a blended approach
  • The use of Blogging and website tools
  • Teaching with public and private social media
  • Using curation tools to support teaching and learning

During each of the above content topics, delegates will be encouraged to:

  • Review examples of the tools being used within FE/HE
  • Discuss the tools and techniques available to support the topic
  • Take part in a group discussion about how the technique could be used by the department
  • Agree and record further actions