Re-energising Teaching and Training Course

Teachers and trainers frequently understand a wide and diverse range of teaching skills and techniques but many tend, after a while, to focus on a smaller range of personally favoured approaches. This has initial benefits but, over time, can lead to their teaching, from a student’s perspective somewhat boring; there is a very real risk that the students will become disengaged and progression, success rates and outcomes will suffer.

Teachers are often committed to delivering their best but can become trapped into teaching within a certain style and, rather like their lessons, require some external input and stimulation. This workshop is designed explore the favoured techniques of the individual workshop participants, enabling others to consider them further and share ideas. This session provides the opportunity to develop new ideas and approaches and explores general ways to re-energise teaching and training with the objective of making life more fun and exciting for students, teachers, trainers and tutors alike.

This workshop considers a holistic approach to energising and widening participation through the promotion of active learning. It is recommended that the workshop be run on an annual basis to maintain the enthusiasm and motivation of the teaching and training delivery team

For Whom
This one-day course is suitable for teachers, tutors, trainers and learning support assistants. It also offers benefits to management and those tasked with observing and/or grading lessons

Aims and Objectives
This highly participative and interactive workshop is designed to revitalise current practice and encourage trainers to widen their use of new and emerging technology

In so doing it enables participants to:

  • Identify the main opportunities for adapting current resources
  • Recognise the benefits of sharing resources and their evaluation of use
  • Be able to source and adapt new resources which will engage and motivate learners
  • Consider the choice of resources and their ability to challenge and stimulate learning

Prior to each course we request a selection of appropriate resources, which we can explore further within the workshop including ways to reinvigorate them.

Bring with you

To gain maximum benefit from this workshop participants should bring with them:

  • A wi-fi enabled laptop with mobile internet access – for resource development
  • session plans, resources & course specifications which will be used to promote ideas sharing


The workshop includes:

  1. Sharing current good practice with colleagues, through group work and reflection, in order to use current resources in innovative ways.
  2. Identifying potential barriers to engagement and concentration in learners and identifying appropriate resources for trainers to use with groups who may present challenges in terms of motivation and concentration levels.
  3. Investigation of sources of training materials which encourage thinking ‘outside the box’, including the use of social media, which are accessible and easily adapted for appropriate vocational contexts.
  4. The workshop accommodates the needs of teachers and trainers who are committed to developing their delivery skills under constraints of time and will reflect their involvement in delivering an ever-evolving curriculum.