Improving the Quality of Teaching & Learning

The quality of teaching training and learning is pivotal to organisational success. Outstanding teaching and training enables deeper, more enjoyable and more effective learning which in turn leads to improved performance in terms of retention, progression and achievement rates and in turn reputation too.

Students and parents will, by word of mouth and social media have a very good understanding of which schools, colleges, universities and learning providers provide the best teaching and learning.

High quality teaching, training and learning underpins student progression and achievement and is also critical for success during Ofsted and Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Inspections. Regardless of ones’ personal views on the quality and effectiveness of external Inspections, achieving Good or Outstanding grades at Inspection, be it under Ofsted or the Teaching Excellence Framework is increasingly important for marketing and promotion purposes.

Those schools, colleges, universities and learning providers that deliver outstanding teaching and learning don’t achieve it by chance they work long and hard with clear vision and focus.

They have highly focused senior management teams and effective quality improvements plans that are cascaded and applied by all. They are continually looking at ways to share good practice and stimulate thought on improving performance.

Regular external input on good practice is one approach that works well. Concrew Training’s one day workshops deliver just that; they focus on some of the most challenging aspects of teaching training and assessment and are all designed to help hard pressed delivery teams achieve outstanding teaching training and learning more effectively and with less effort and burden.