Public Speaking Made Easier

Making More Effective Speeches and Presentations

Virtually everyone at some stage in their careers or private life has to stand up and speak in public or make a formal presentation. Creating a good impression is critical for both the audience and the speaker but very few people are good at public speaking and most of those that are have been trained.

Most people are so frightened of the prospect of presenting that they will do virtually anything to avoid it and even those whose job revolve round it often get nervous before “going on stage”

But it is also fact that as people progress up the career ladder then the art of public speaking and presenting becomes more and more important, more integral to their job: presenting to their staff, their peers, their managers or visitors, suppliers, customers. The list is endless

This popular workshop is highly interactive, with plenty of opportunity for participants to discuss and practice how to handle a range of public speaking challenges. It is fun and fast paced and helps participants to understand better how to speak in public and make presentations that have real impact

The course has utility for business presentations, training delivery, facilitation and, our trainer has been told, even private events such as a family occasion when a formal speech might have to be delivered!

For Whom

This workshop is suitable for representatives from all businesses and organizations and at all levels. It is also suitable for individuals wish to develop their personal speaking skills for non business activities

It is designed for all those who have little experience or need to formalise their approach, the course is a mixture of theory and practical advice. Delegates will be expected to present as groups throughout the course, enabling the tutor to give valuable feedback on body language, posture, style and delivery.

Aims and Objectives

To enable participants to become more confident at speaking in public or to groups of people and to understand better how to create a successful presentation and present it so they will feel confident enough to generate positive reaction and interaction from their audiences.


  1. Tell them what you are going to say
  2. Say it!
  3. Tell them you’ve said it and don’t forget 4 !
  4. Leave them wanting more!

This workshop focuses upon:-

  • What makes a presentation go well?
  • What makes things go wrong?
  • What makes real impact?
  • What skills do you need?
  • How do you apply these skills?
  • We then drill deep into aspects of all these skills including:-
  • The key steps to planning a presentation- structure
  • Warming up your voice and how to deal with nerves and anxiety
  • Storytelling and the rules of engagement, how greatspeakers get their point across effectively
  • Speech writing, using metaphors and repetition, the golden rules on what makes a presentation easy to digest
  • Dealing with awkward or difficult questions, fail proof formuli for even the most awkward question
  • Using your environment and other resources
  • Pitching and sales presentations, greattips that ensure you end on a high
  • PowerPoint or Keynote design and visual aids, golden rules to ensure your slides add not detract from your presentation
  • Avoiding the elephant traps – aide memoirs, guidance and advice to ensure in the event of a glitch, you have a plan B
  • Memory techniques
  • Communication –body language/tone and words
  • Considerations around equality, diversity and culture for any given audience
  • Self-evaluation and receiving feedback from others


This workshop is offered as a one day course but can be delivered over two days if the client requires their staff to “go live” with actual practice for feedback from both the trainer and other course participants. We usually find that tailored individual action and development programmes can be more easily be constructed in the light of such live practice.

As a further variant on the one day course we can also provide a second day which has a focus on any given topic which the client might want the “trained speaker” to subsequently impart in house to the rest of the organisation. We fully appreciate that this can often be more cost effective and credible for any organisation or business. We are skilled in absorbing the details of a wide range of policy and technical subjects with the further ability to provide sound advice about which of the public speaking and presentational methods should be utilised