Ofsted Inspection Support

Achieving Grade 1 ” Outstanding” during Ofsted Inspection is pivotal to organisational success. Whilst the quality of teaching, training and assessment is pivotal so too is the effectiveness of the organisation’s leadership and management team. High quality current Self Assessment Reports and Quality Improvement Plans are essential.

Concrew Training offer support in all aspects of Ofsted Inspection relating to the FE and Skills sector, including ACL and 6th form colleges. Some support is also suitable for secondary education providers

Support ranges from understanding the latest inspection framework, self assessment and report writing to Nominee Training.

Indeed ensuring the organisation’s Ofsted representative or Nominee is fully familiar with the latest inspection requirements and focus is essential.

It is equally important that all the forms and documents Ofsted wish to see are readily available, kept current and that all staff remain versed in the latest requirements. With short notice inspections there is no time to train staff or prepare once the inspection is announced.