Better Moderation, Observation Reports & Action Plans

This one-day workshop develops and extends participants skills and abilities in 3 of the key areas that underpin an effective Observation of Teaching Training and Learning system.

  • Moderating Observation reports
  • Writing high quality Observation reports
  • Producing effective post observation observee development plans

The quality of observation reports and development plans play an important part in helping to ensure that teachers and trainers are supported to further improve their practice. Observation is a vital process in all learning organisations. Because of its importance it is essential that is done well. An effective report moderation process helps to achieve this. However in order to write effective reports observers need to understand what good looks like. Well written reports should also enable the production of clearly defined post observation Development Plans. To produce such plans staff need to understand what an effective plan needs to look like and contain.

For Whom
This one-day workshop has been designed for:

  • managers and others involved in observation report moderation
  • experienced observers looking to further improve how they write reports and development plans
  • observers returning to a role after a break needing to update/refresh their skills
  • Those who have completed our 3 day course on observation of teaching, training and learning who are looking to extend and develop their observation skills further

Novice observers will be welcome but must appreciate the course assumes a lot of knowledge about the observation process as a whole and in particular, forming robust, succinct, judgements on the quality of learning observed.

The workshop is designed around post 16 Further Education & Skills and is closely aligned to the needs of FE Colleges, Apprenticeship providers and ACL provision. The approaches covered also work equally well in Academies, Schools, and even internal company training departments.
Aims and Objectives
This workshop is designed to help participants:

  • refine and improve their observation report moderation processes they are responsible for / use
  • improve how well they write observation reports and development plans .

On completion of the workshop participants should be able to describe and explain:

  • different approaches to observation report moderation
  • the key characteristics of an effective observation report moderation process
  • why reports are written and who they are written for
  • different styles of observation report writing
  • the components of a well written report
  • why observation development plans are produced
  • who should be involved in the production of observation development plans
  • the components of a well written observation development plan

This is a very practical workshop where the emphasis will be on participants developing their skills through practical skills tasks.

Participants will:

  • review different observation report moderation approaches
  • analyse the criteria used for report moderation
  • evaluate the tools used in the report moderation process
  • complete a report moderation task
  • assess different observation report formats
  • evaluate observation reports to identify the characteristics of good ones
  • consider the Outcomes based approach to observation development plan development
  • analyse observation development plans to identify the elements of a well written plan
  • complete an observation plan development exercise