Observation of Teaching

Effective observation of Teaching, Training and Practice is integral to quality control systems within many sectors, especially education and health.Unfortunately, too many systems fail to deliver meaningful improvements because the systems are incomplete or the staff involved have receive inadequate training and guidance. If Observations are to deliver quality improvement, it is essential that a robust system be in place.

One where:

  • Observation focus is more on the quality of outputs than the process.
  • Observation records are succinct, judgmental and backed up high quality evidence.
  • Observation records are reviewed/moderated for quality and consistency.
  • Improvements plans developed from them.
  • Moderation of the improvement plans takes place.

In addition, where observation feedback is given it needs to be given in a manner that leads to genuine improvements in performance. All too often feedback is counter productive and leads to a downturn in performance rather than the desired improvement. It is imperative that careful thought and planning is given to the way the feedback will be given, especially in situations where development needs have been identified and or the Observers has less experience than the Observee, in the tasks being observed.

Within teaching and training Observers need to focus on learning, quality, quantity and inclusiveness,

Concrew Training’scourses and workshops on Observation are designed to help new and experienced observers improve the quality and outputs from their observation systems