Legislation and Compliance Training

All organisations and businesses, be they private commercial, public sector or not for profit need to adhere to the latest legislation, rules and regulations.

The sheer range, extent and rate of change of legislation that is imposed these days is onerous; as are the consequences of failing to adhere to it.

Changes to employment legislation, for example, continue to be extensive. The rules that apply today are often very different to even a year ago.

Ultimately the ability of any business to meet legislative and compliance requirements lies with its managers and the policies they implement.

No company, business or organisation can afford to experience investigation, litigation, dispute, industrial action, or employment tribunals because management or staff failed to understand and follow the latest in legislation and/or good practice.

This means that managers need to maintain an up to date understanding of the latest requirements. Concrew Training’s courses assist with this. They also need to develop and implement robust policies for staff to follow. Implementation means far more than writing, it requires the policies to be trained out and the training evidenced.

Concrew training’s workshops on legislation and compliance focus on helping managers and staff understand the latest developments and adapt their policies to reflect.

Concrew Training’s one hour courses support roll out to the whole workforce, and at very affordable prices