Outstanding Teaching

Delivering outstanding inspirational teaching, training and learning is a valuable goal for all educators.

Success revolves round the ability of the teaching team to develop and deliver sessions that engage, motivate and inspire their students. Teaching sessions that take account of the differing learning styles, abilities and interests of each student and deliver sessions that stretch and challenge each student.

High quality feedback plays a pivotal part too – unfortunately, feedback is all too often low quality and counter productive

Teachers, trainers, tutors and lecturers frequently understand a wide and diverse range of teaching skills and techniques but many tend, after a while, to focus on a smaller range of personally favoured approaches. This has initial benefits but, over time, can lead to their teaching stagnating and quality suffering.

Couple this with the very real issue that as the quality of teaching, training and learning improves it becomes increasingly, without external input, to see how and where improvements can be made

Concrew Training offer a range of workshops that explore the key components of inspirational teaching, stretch and challenge and in doing so provide stimulus on how and where further improvements can be made. See the workshop list to the right.