Developing & Delivering Inspirational Teaching

For Whom

This fast-paced, highly practical workshop is designed for all those who have to work with groups of children and adults. This workshop is designed for Teachers and Trainers from FE Colleges, Academies, Secondary Schools, Local Authorities and Independent Learning Providers.

The workshop will also be of interest to those working in HE and/or commercial training departments.

The workshop is suitable for managers and lesson observers who are responsible for and/or involved in developing the quality of teaching and learning within their organisational environment.

Workshop Aims and Objectives

  • Review the criteria and indicators for outstanding learning
  • Understand the key characteristics of outstanding inspirational lessons & training sessions
    • Pace
    • Differentiation
    • Student Involvement
    • Level of Teachings
    • Student Motivation and Ownerships
  • Explore the key techniques and approaches that enable delivery of outstanding learning
  • Develop a delivery structure template to support delivery of outstanding learning
  • Develop practical session plans to support outstanding teaching and learning
  • Consider teaching strategies that help to enable outstanding teaching and learning


1. Current Practice and Understanding

Participants explore their understanding of what constitutes an outstanding inspirational lesson or training session and what lesson observers typically look for.In doing so participants are encouraged to consider the key techniques that support and scaffold effective learning.This session also reviews the techniques participants are currently using and the “how, when and where” they have been effective.

  • Understanding what lesson observers want
  • Reviewing current approaches to inform development opportunities
    • Successes
    • Failures
    • Challenges and barriers
    • How effective are my teaching and learning strategies in supporting my students and their learning?
    • Development Opportunities

2. Features of an Inspirational Lesson or Training Session

This session explores the key features of outstanding and Inspirational lessons and training sessions.

  • Maintains high levels of involvement, motivation and interest from students
  • Develops skills, knowledge & understanding of all students
  • Develops learning outcomes that are student centred
  • Assesses and promotes personalised learning
  • Meets all students needs
  • Supports student reflection
  • Creates ‘stretch’, has pace and is challenging for students
  • Supports a differentiated classroom that is focussed on learning
  • Embeds ownership and responsibility for learning with the student
  • Focuses on Assessment for Learning
  • Uses a range of questioning & assessment activities
  • Involves a range of effective teaching and learning strategies

3. Components of Inspirational Lessons and Training Sessions

It is very easy to say the session needs to have pace and/or meet the needs of all students but what tools and approaches can the teacher/trainer use to deliver these?This session explores, in some detail, the key components and approaches that teachers and trainers should use, adopt and include, to deliver an outstanding session.

  • It’s all about the students and their learning – remembering the core goal
  • Developing & agreeing effective learning and performance goals
  • Developing sessions and resources that focus on learning
  • Differentiation, how, where, when and why
  • Group work, the core components of effective activities
  • Active Learning, what it means, how it works and how to get the best from it
  • How to effectively manage the learning environment
  • How to develop and use highly effective questioning techniques
  • Assessment for learning, the implications for session & assessment design
  • Feedback for Learning, developing the skills that support effective feedback, including:
  • Key principles of written and oral feedback
  • Active listening
  • Target setting
  • Developing effective plenary activities, that link learning goals
  • Using Reflection and Peer Review to embed ownership of learning goals

4. Putting it all Together

Session 4 looks at ways the key components can be combined and dovetailed together to produce an outstanding inspirational lesson or training session.Using supplied templates and guidelines, participants are encouraged to develop an actual lesson or training session, reflect on its strengths and consider how it could be further improved.In doing so participants begin to put the learning into practice and improve their abilities to develop outstanding lessons and training sessions – even when time is at a premium.