Funding for Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are becoming ever more important in the delivery of public services; they are also beginning to expand in terms of contract delivery and partnership development. The Government is encouraging a more wide ranging role for social enterprise in the delivery of public services at local, regional and national level. The ‘Big Society’ initiative and the ‘Localism’ agenda, for example, presented exciting opportunities for social enterprises and social enterprise partnerships.

This one-day workshop examines some of the more common funds – social investment, charitable trusts, central, regional and local government and European funding together with the grants and loans that are on offer to social enterprise. It also provides guidance on the routes to accessing the monies and how the funds can be utilised by social enterprise

For Whom

This workshop is designed for Small business owners, managers and employees, business advisers and Enterprise Agency managers and consultants, social enterprise managers and consultants, people considering starting up a business, consultants and fundraisers and local authority, college and university SME advisers

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the workshop is to update participants on key issues in social enterprise development, review a selection of the different types of public and charitable funds available to organisations engaged in social enterprise activities and identify development and funding opportunities for existing and new social enterprise organisations.

Through presentations and group discussion, the facilitator will illustrate how public and charitable funds are managed and distributed; which funds are typically accessed and for what purpose and review the future objectives of the main funders, including many new and existing funding streams.


  • The key and different funding streams
  • Ways external funding can support the work of a social enterprise:
  • Key developments within central and local government & other funding streams
  • Capacity building

    • a health check and update on current capacity building
    • issues with regard to social enterprise development
  • Social enterprise, partnerships and public service delivery
  • Funding sources for social enterprises

    • Grants
    • Trusts
    • Regeneration Funding
    • Loans
    • Development funding and other related opportunities
  • Crowd Funding

    • Social Investment
    • Social Enterprise
  • European Funding – overview of the Structural Funds and other programmes
  • Funding priorities – the targeting of external funding & how to access it
  • Group exercises and Case studies
  • Sources of information and support