Funding Bidding and Tendering Training Courses

Improving access to alternative funding and grants

Huge amounts of money is available to fund charitable, voluntary, not for profit,and public sector projects; and in some cases commercial business too, but finding and accessing it, especially for those new to funding, can be time consuming.

Concrew Training’s workshops on funding, tendering and bidding are delivered by subject specialists who have proven track records in securing this type of funding.

Our course offer falls into two groups firstly Finding Funding and secondly Bidding and Tendering for it.

Finding Funding
Understanding where the latest funding streams can be found and how they can be best accessed is essential knowledge for most organisations operating in the public, charitable and voluntary sectors. We offer a vast range of workshops, far more than we can detail on the web site, each providing the latest information and guidance on how and where fund can be found for specific projects. These include:

  • Funding for Arts, Media, Music and Drama Projects
  • Funding for Capital Projects
  • Funding for Catering & Food Projects
  • Funding for Coastal, Rural & Flood Damaged Communities
  • Funding for Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • Funding for Community Media and Community Radio projects
  • Funding for Community Transport Projects
  • Funding for Cultural and Social Media Projects
  • Funding for Disability and People with Learning Disability Projects
  • Funding for Employment & Training Projects
  • Funding for Gang Related, Ex-offender & Young People at Risk Projects
  • Funding for Health & Social Care Projects
  • Funding for Housing Associations, RP’s & TRA’s
  • Funding for Innovation & IT projects
  • Funding for London Based Organisations
  • Funding for NEET Projects
  • Funding for Primary School Projects
  • Funding for Projects based in the North West of England
  • Funding for Projects based in the South East of England and the Home Counties
  • Funding for Schools, Education and Children and Young People’s Projects
  • Funding for Secondary School Projects
  • Funding for Small Medium Enterprise
  • Funding for Sports Projects
  • Funding for Volunteer Projects
  • Funding for Work with Disengaged and Disaffected Young People
  • Funding for Work with Young People with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
  • Funding Grants and Loans for Social Enterprises
  • Funding Grants and Loans for Social Enterprises
  • Funding Sources for Schools and Education Projects
  • ESIF European Funding Programme
  • Government Subsidies and Skills and Employment Programmes
  • Social Investment and New Funding
  • Crowd Funding, Social Investment, Loan & Venture Capital

Bidding and Tendering
in addition to our generic workshops on bidding and tendering we also offer a range of education biased courses including:

  • Introduction to Bid Writing for Primary School Projects
  • Introduction to Bid Writing for Secondary School Projects
  • Bid Writing for Schools – at both intermediate and advanced levels