Finance for Non Financial Managers

Understanding budgets and how the company finances work is essential knowledge for all managers. ” Finance for non financial manager” training courses aim to provide the underpinning financial knowledge information managers need.

However the needs of managers differ across roles and sectors and a one size fits all training solution seldom works; consequently Concrew Training offer a range of one-day, or longer, workshops that explore different aspects and issues. For example the needs of the company director differ to those working in credit control and for some managers understanding budgets and budget control is more important than the workings of the balance sheet.

Whilst the financial departments in larger business take responsibility for the day to day accounting and reporting functions staff and managers at all levels and in all departments come into contact with financial data in some form or another.

At its simplest level involvement may be limited to looking at the companies share price or departmental sales but many staff and managers they come into regular contact with more complex financial data and performance figures.

The more senior the role the more people are expected to be able understand, interpret and act on financial data in a robust and reliable way.

Concrew Training’s workshops on finance and accountancy are designed for non financial managers who need to understand and act on the data they come into contact with, in a more robust and effective manner.