Assessment Using Social Media

Enhancing student engagement, formative & summative assessment

This workshop explores the growing opportunities to use social media to support the evidencing of performance skills and underpinning knowledge in relation to vocational qualifications and Apprenticeships. In addition to evidence collection, e-learning and social media use allows the assessor to ‘flip the classroom’ and create opportunities for one-to-one tutorials at times more suitable to the modern day flexible learner. Real time opportunities to demonstrate competencies provides the opportunity for immediate feedback to students, thus improving performance in achieving SMART targets.

The internet and social media are popular medium for many students and provide attractive and accessible resources for use in research, communication, vocational portfolio building. They also provide a good way to help students develop and use self-reflection more effectively. On-line story boards are very popular with learners using social media and provide opportunities for the provision of formative assessment which could be crucial to learners lacking in confidence or with limited opportunities for formal GLH provision.

The collection of valid and reliable evidence within vocational work settings often presents barriers and obstacles; many of these obstacles can be overcome with social media. There are also added advantages in terms of using a medium that is appealing to students and having a platform to teach safeguarding and warn about radicalisation.

As the students develop their skills in social media use, the opportunities grow and they start to make choices about which is the most appropriate evidence to submit for their portfolio, enhancing their knowledge and understanding and promoting safe and inclusive practice in the workplace.

The use of the e-portfolio has been reinforced for decades but there have never been such opportunities for integration. Slide shows, direct access to social media and integrating film clips all enhance or reinforce the evidence being submitted by learners in a vocational context using an e-portfolio. This process saves time and money as well as providing instant access for learners to record personal self reflection and provide relevant peer to peer feedback.

Students need to understand how to use social media in a safe manner; Professional discussion on what the risks are and how potential risks can be identified and reported is relevant and ways of implementing and recording this process provides wider opportunities for learners to demonstrate their competence and receive timely feedback, whilst remaining safe in the work environment. A confident learner in the workplace is also a safer employee.

For Whom
This one-day workshop is for teachers, trainers, assessors, verifiers and learning support staff. It will also be of interest to curriculum heads and those involved in learning development and the quality of teaching, training and learning.

In incorporating social media in order to to enhance formative and summative assessment, the workshop considers ways to:

  • Promote independent decoding, the choice of material is vast but a competent assessor can guide a learner towards relevant opportunities for SMART opportunities for evidence collection
  • Create wider opportunities for developing independent construction of records of underpinning knowledge, formatively, within a naturally-occurring environment
  • Help students build up an enhanced view of their vocational lives whilst identifying areas for personal self-development
  • Reinforce the safe use of social media within and outside of the working environment including legal restrictions to evidence collection