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Post Lock Down Return To Work

A 2.5 Hour online training course to help HR teams and Operational Managers prepare better for post lock down returns to work.

The course covers the key issues in England relating to returning to work. It includes an overview of recent health and law and signposts Government guidance on working safely in the context of COVID-19 19.

This is a fast moving area and the ACAS Code to which we refer is being updated regularly.

We also signpost points of difference in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Content includes

  • Health and Safety
    • Key Risk Assessments
    • Prior Arrangements
    • Consultation
  • Employee Rights
    • Equality Impact Assessments
    • Work and Family Considerations
  • Refusals to return to work
  • Considerations for different types of worker
  • Whistleblowing
  • Signposting resources and other information