Mailing List: Opt-Out

Policy Statement

This Mailings Opt Out Policy Statement covers the email policy of Concrew Training and its marketing division Concrew Training Mail

All marketing e-mail communications, sent by or on behalf of Concrew Training and/or Concrew Training Mail provide the recipient/s with the option to opt-out from receiving further marketing communications.

This opt-out option takes the form of an unsubscribe link in the footer of each and every e-mail marketing communication sent by or on behalf of Concrew Training and Concrew Training Mail. Clicking the unsubscribe link automatically prevents the email to which the communication was sent from receiving further email marketing from Concrew Training and Concrew Training Mail.

The above opt-out / unsubscribe links are unique to each email address and applied immediately.

Additionally opt-out requests can be submitted by email or post or the web site contact forms direct to Concrew Training or Concrew Training Mail. Concrew Training requests that the opt-out email address is made clear within the request.

Further Information
Concrew Training and Concrew Training Mail welcome suggestions on ways we can improve the quality of our email marketing campaigns and opt-out unsubscribe policy and processes.