Cookie Policy

Most modern websites, use cookies to improve the website usability and user experience. We only use cookies that are 100% essential and strictly necessary to allow our web site/s to function safely and smoothly.

Cookies are very small data files, typically containing a unique identifier; a mixture of letters and numbers that are sent from our website’s computer (server) to your web browser and stored on your hard drive until you remove them. The way we use them allows our web site/s to track the pages you have visited and any settings you may have selected. This improves most user’s web surfing experience, for example, tracking the pages you have visited enables your browsers’ forward and back buttons to function properly. For standard users our cookies expire automatically when you leave the web site.

We do not track page visits for any purpose other than those needed to ensure your safe and smooth use of our web sites. We do not analyse the data in anyway. We do not present third party advertisements on our website and we never use third party advertising cookies that help other businesses target their products at you. We do not use google analytics. The essential cookies we use on our websites cannot be executed as code or be used to deliver a virus, other servers cannot read them.

The login status for authorised Concrew Training website administrators is tracked to improve usability for them. For security we also record and track unauthorised log in (hacking) attempts and place blocks on these users by IP address and location. These cookies help improve the safety of our websites for normal users.

If you do not wish any cookies to be placed on your PC, then they can be disabled in your web browser. The option to do so is normally found in your browser’s “security settings” section. Please note; disabling cookies in this way may hinder your use of our website and any others you may visit. If you use several different web browsers you will need to disable cookies in each browser. The third party web site contains comprehensive information on how to block/delete cookies as well as more general information about cookies.

When you visit social media and similar sites that may be hosting our material the cookie policies of those individual sites apply and should be read as and when necessary.



The effectiveness of this policy and associated arrangements are reviewed bi-annually, under the direct supervision of the Director.

Ian Hirst

Issued: 12 August 2016
Updated: 19 April 2023
Last Reviewed 19 April 2023
Next Review Date: May 2025