DIY Websites

DIY Web design and newsletters made easy

Concrew Training’s DIY Website Build and Online Marketing support shows you how to create your own web site and use a range of free or very low cost marketing techniques to promote your business. In doing so, it helps you avoid the high fees charged by expensive third parties website designers and professional marketers. Learn the low cost ways to build a website and send email newsletters. Perfect for small, new and start-up businesses, especially those in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire

For small, new and start-up businesses are to grow they need to promote and market their products and services effectively. For most, this means at the very least having a website and a social media presence. Relying on third party companies to build and manage your website and online marketing is usually expensive and it can lead to future problems. For example when your they introduce higher charges for updates and changes; or the way you want to develop your web site or marketing doesn’t sit well with them. Problems then compound if they refuse to release their source code – in effect preventing transfer to another company meaning you have to stay with them or start again.

Having full control over your own website, social media presence, Newsletters and email marketing offers some huge advantages. In the past, this approach was too difficult and complicated for most managers to consider; but advances in technology have made it easy for most business owners to take full control of their online presence and produce effective results, without hiring expensive professionals.

Popular Services Include:

DIYWebsite Design and Build (WordPress)
Learn the basics of WordPress as you build your own website. Concrew Training’s DIY WordPress website design and build support helps new, start-up and small businesses design, build, develop and manage their own websites and, in doing so, avoid the high costs associated with professional web design & maintenance. Technology now makes it easy for anyone to build and maintain their own website. We show you how. There are many online training options but they take time our support is fast, focused and effective.

  • Understanding – Web hosting, Control Panels and Email Set Up
  • An Introduction to WordPress
  • Developing your WordPress Site: Free Themes, Drop and Drag Editors, Plugins
  • Google/Bing Tools
  • Updates, Back Ups and Website Security

DIY Newsletters & Email Marketing for Small Business
Find and learn how to use the web sites that allow you to write and send for professional looking Newsletters for free. We also show you the free software that allows you to edit your Newsletters and transfer them across providers. Plus; where you can get free images and the free tools that allow you to modify them, when allowed. Whilst individual system providers provide help and advice guides, for the unfamiliar they can be lengthy and difficult to follow; our support is fast, focused and effective.

  • Designing and Writing – Newsletters and Email Marketing Shots
  • Improving Deliverability
  • Spam Testing
  • Bounces, Out of Office Replies, Unsubscribes and Complaints

Social Media and Blogging for Small Business
Helping new, small and start up business improve customer awareness and google ratings through social media and blogging

  • Setting up a Social Media Profiles
  • Managing and Modifying Images
  • Posting Updates and Blogging

Ongoing Support and Outsourcing and Other Options
Whilst our main focus is helping small and start-up businesses to take control of their own marketing and in doing so save significant amounts of money we recognise that some people prefer to outsource. With this in mind we can assist with any of the above, ongoing. We can also provide help and support in a wide range of essential business activities please enquire against your specific needs.

“Give Something Back” Prices
To give back to the local community our DIY website support services are provided at ultra low prices to help non-competing start-up and small businesses expand and grow. Once better established we hope they will remember our support and ask us to help with any future staff training and development needs they may have.

Our “Give Something Back” support is heavily subsidised by Concrew Training. The support outlined above is just £100 plus vat per day for businesses and organisations local to Mansfield. Further afield we need to cover travel time and costs.. Actual support is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring you get maximum benefit from our time on site.

Local Support Area
Based in Mansfield our support is perfect for start up and small business in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire including towns such as

  • Alfreton
  • Belper
  • Bolsover
  • Chesterfield
  • Castle Donington
  • Clay Cross
  • Clowne
  • Derby
  • Eastwood
  • Heanor
  • Hucknall
  • Ilkeston
  • Kirkby in Ashfield
  • Market Worksop
  • Ripley
  • Sutton in Ashfield
  • Worksop

We also provide support Nationwide